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Couple Skiing

 As avid skiers and tech enthusiasts, our goal at QK Mountain is to bring all ski schools up to speed with today's digital demands.

About us

We're a fun bunch of ski instructors from all over the world that decided to switch our skis for keyboards in order to bring you something special!​ We teamed up with Austria's most innovative ski school to create a software that integrates all your ski school's processes into one, user friendly platform.


Cedric von Halem

Co-Founder & CEO

"I learned to ski in Kitzbühel when I was only 4 years old. At 16, I became a certified ski instructor and taught for about five winter seasons."

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Florian Messerer

Co-Founder & CTO


"In my spare time I enjoy sports of all kinds, especially skiing, football, squash and chess. The more competitive the sport, the better!"

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Franzi Deckstein

Business Development Manager

"Favorite place to hit the slopes? Definitely Whistler, Canada! The view is incomparable!"

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Natasha Li Vieira_Picture_edited.jpg

Natasha Li Vieira

UX&UI Project Coordinator

"The first time I skied was in South Korea on the kid's slope with fake snow, but it was unforgettable!" 

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DE: +49 89 26201307 | US: +1 508 475-9121‬

Franz-Joseph-Straße 14, 80801 München, Germany

Image by Rohit Tandon


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