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Your all-inclusive
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An admin platform, mobile app and online shop. Built by ski instructors, for ski schools.

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What is QK Mountain?

QK Mountain is the perfect solution for managing all aspects of your ski school. It integrates all of your ski school's processes into one, user-friendly system. It has 3 components: an admin platform, an app for your customers and instructors, and an online shop that is seamlessly integrated into your website. The cherry on the mountain top is that our system it is fully customizable to your ski school.

How it works
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Why QKM?

As ski instructors, we saw first-hand how outdated ski school systems were. Every task was tedious and disorganized, leaving admins and ultimately the owners more overwhelmed than they needed to be. There was no centralized system. That caused miscommunication, lost paperwork, delays, and inefficiencies. 


That's when we decided the systems used by ski schools needed to change. We created QK Mountain. It runs your admin tasks so you have time to take care of your ski school. Plus, there is more time to hit the slopes!

Cedric & Florian

QK Mountain's Co-Founders


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