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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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1. What type of contracts do we offer?

All our subscriptions are monthly contracts, meaning that you can always cancel them at the end of each month 

2. How do I pay for this subscription?

We offer two types of payments options. Either you can pay as you go with a credit card, or if you require, we can also work with invoicing. 

3. Is there commission on each course / sale? 

Absolutely no. QK Mountain does not charge any commission on the sales you produce as a company. This means that no matter how much you sell, your costs are always transparent.

4. What currencies do you support? 

We can work with all types of currencies. Currently, we offer Euro, USD, and Canadian Dollars. Should you require any further, please reach out.

5. What is included in each QK Mountain subscription?

In your QK Mountain subscription we include all types of services you require to operate your business. This means hosting (Apps, E-commerce, CRM) and fees such as IOS and Android are taken care of. 

6. Can we merge all the past contacts to this CRM? 

Yes! We offer a convenient CSV upload function on the CRM, meaning that you can easily migrate all your contacts into our software with ease!

7. How customized is the subscription?

All software products (Apps, E-commerce & CRM systems) are re-branded to your company scheme. Additionally, we offer dozens of useful features which you can use on your CRM, meaning that you can choose freely what you require, and we will build your perfect solution. Should you require any further feature we do not have, we can also implement this. 

8. How long does it usually take to implement this solution?

Implementation can range anywhere from 4-8 Weeks, depending on the customization level that is required. We will be in contact throughout each stage, guaranteeing that the implementation is done to your liking. 

9. What are the requirements to use this software?

Our services are completely 100 % cloud based, meaning that they are accessible with virtually any device. We do however suggest having at least 750 x 1400 px screen size for optimal experience. Other requirements include internet connection, and for your instructors either IOS or Android smartphones.  

10. Does QK Mountain support other actives besides skiing? 

Yes! QK Mountain is built to support any type of sport, activity or program. Using our user-friendly interface, you can create virtually any type of course, with any type of pricing structure. 

11. Is QK Mountain GDPR compliant?  

Absolutely! All our solutions protect user information. We do not use any type of cookies, tracking or invasive software.  We are 100 % GDRP compliant, giving you peace of mind when operating in Europe.

12. Is QK Mountain RKSV compliant?

Yes! We have a direct API to the German & Austrian tax ministry, and most invoicing is done automatically. *Note that this service is only available in the DACH region.

13. Does QK Mountain support multiple offices?

Our solution offers the possibility to manage and operate with up to 10 different offices, giving you a great overview of the financial performance and traffic of all your businesses. 

14. Does QK Mountain manage business expenses?

Yes! Our software allows for both administrators and instructors to upload business expenses. 

15. Are updates included in the subscription?

Absolutely! Our updates are frequent, and are 100% free. You also have the possibility to upgrade your software with further features at any time.

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