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Bookings, payments, finance, payroll, instructor scheduling, communication and much more.
If your ski school requires something else, let us know and we will build it into your QK Mountain system.

All features


QkMountain Software

This is where your admins perform all your ski school's processes from. They can create bookings, manage the payroll,  interact with instructors and customer, and much more.


QkMountain App

Your app has two different log in accounts. One for your instructors and another for your customers. Instructors and customers can communicate with each other and your admin.


QkMountain E-Commerce

Your online shop is seamlessly integrated into your website. That way your customers can easily book online without anyone charging your ski school hefty commission fees.

Our technology

We teamed up with experts to integrate all your ski school's processes into unique features - you won't find them anywhere! QK Mountain is all about cutting costs and increasing efficiency!

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Contact us to set up your ski school for success!

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